Floor Guide

TRANSIT to All of your City Activities,
Born in the Advanced City of Akihabara, Tokyo.
– A Relay Base –

“GLANSIT”, born within the cultural broadcasting point that is Akihabara, Tokyo.
A 3-minute walk from Akihabara station, which is accessible from many rail lines. A perfect base for business and leisure.


Reception area done in calming earth tones.
Overflowing with hospitality. The start of a comfortable time.
GLANSIT’s reception area, where guests are greeted by a calming and comforting scent reminiscent of fresh plants and flowers, and our large Symbol Tree in the center. This is the border between the inside and outside. Please change into your indoor shoes, and begin your relaxing time.

2~9FBedroom Areas
(Separate for Men and Women)

A safe and comfortable environment.
Bedroom areas for male and female guests, separated by a security gate.
For the safety and peace-of-mind of our guests, access to the bedroom areas is controlled with security elevators and doors.
We have prepared our original bedding, humidifiers, and air-purifiers to allow our guests to have comfortable, restful sleep.
Starting with our original sleeping materials designed based on sleep engineering, we have prepared equipment to help our guests sleep comfortably, including humidifiers and air purifiers.

Private Capsule

Private style capsules with a side desk and personal locker. The private space designed for comfort is ideal for business use.
Guestroom Furnishings Capsule bed, side desk, personal locker, 32-inch TV,
high-quality original mattress,
synthetic fiber comforter,
pillow, electrical outlet, USB port, free Wi-Fi
Number of Guests: One

Standard Capsule

Within the standard capsule units, we use our originally designed highly functional mattress. We have prepared all of the necessary items within a compact space.
Guestroom Furnishings capsule bed, side desk, 24-inch TV,
high-quality original mattress, synthetic fiber comforter,
pillow, electrical outlet, USB port, free Wi-Fi
Number of Guests: One
※Personal lockers located in a separate area

Twin Capsule

Private rooms designed with 2 capsule beds. Perfect for staying with friends.
*Men and women cannot share a room.
Guestroom Furnishings Two capsule beds, side desk, 32-inch TV,
high-quality original mattress, synthetic fiber comforter,
pillow, electrical outlet, USB port, free Wi-Fi
Number of Guests: Two
※Personal lockers located in a separate area

B1F10FLarge Bath Areas
(Separate for Men and Women)

Refresh yourself in our large bathing areas and jet baths.
Bathing areas on separate floors for men and women, available for use from 12PM to 10AM.
We have prepared large baths where you can stretch out your legs and relax, and easy-to-use shower booths. The men’s bath also comes equipped with a jet bath, for an added level of comfort.
  • Washing area

  • Free shaving set

  • Free domestic shampoos

Guest Lounges
(Separate for Men and Women)

Separate floor entry for men and women, controlled by security gates.
Free areas for use at any time.
Separate free lounges on the men’s and women’s floors that anyone is free to use. Along with free drinks, available at no extra charge, guests can enjoy an up-to-date selection of reading materials, including newspapers and magazines. The entire hotel complex is equipped with free Wi-Fi, so guests can use it to suit their needs.
  • Free high-speed Wi-Fi
  • Equipped with electrical outlets
  • We provide over several kinds of coffee for guests in our coffee servers.

  • Our tea servers, perfect for a nice cup after a bath.

  • Our smoking room, complete with a table, is perfect when you need a time-out.

  • I undertake information gathering by a magazine book.

10FWomen-Only Powder Room Area

Essential make up items are available to female guests in the women’s-only powder room area just off the baths.
Along with a large sink area to make it easy to wash your face, the powder room area comes with skin creams and lotions, etc., hair dryers and irons, and many things female guests might wish to find.
  • Domestically Made Amenities

  • facial cleansing foam, makeup remover

  • flat irons

  • hair dryers

B1F~10F Security Gates

Security gates are located at the entrance to each floor and on elevators to ensure that only individuals with permission to access those areas are permitted entry. Female guests travelling on their own can enjoy their stay without worry.