Frequently Asked Questions

Regarding Reservations

Is it possible to make a reservation under a company name?
Yes, it is possible to make reservations under a company name.
When making reservations under a company name, we will ask for the guest name in addition to the company name.
Is there a cancellation fee?
In the event of a cancellation, we charge a cancellation fee equivalent to a certain percentage of the amount the reservation was made for.
・2 Days Prior:30%
・Previous Day:50%
・Same Day:80%
・No Show (If we receive no communication from the guest):100%
Also, for customers using third-party websites to complete their reservation, we apologize for the inconvenience, but please complete the cancellation procedures for the site used to make the original booking.
Reservation Changes/Cancellations
For guests using third-party services to complete reservations, we kindly ask you to complete the relevant paperwork provided by the service used to make the booking.
Guests making reservations from our hotel website, please proceed to the section entitled “Reservation Confirmation”. For reservations made through other means, please call the hotel directly.
Does booking a reservation through the hotel’s official site have any benefits?
Our official site always offers accommodation for the lowest available rate that day.
Are group reservations possible?
As long as there are enough rooms available to accommodate the group, yes.
How can I make a reservation?
Reservations can be made through our homepage, by calling us directly, or through various reservation websites.

General Inquiries

What time does check-in start?
Check-in starts at 15:00. Check-out is at 10:00 the following day.
Guests who selected options to change their check-in and check-out times will differ from the standard schedule.
If I am staying for several days, can I remain in the hotel after 10:00?
Yes, you are free to stay in the hotel. From 10:00 we will begin our daily cleaning of the facilities. While we will make every effort not to inconvenience you, we kindly ask for your understanding and cooperation.
How does the payment process work?
We ask guests to pay upfront for the cost of their stay.
Use your credit card to pay upfront when making your reservation. You can also choose to pay during check-in using the automatic check-in machine. Use the machine again upon check-out time to settle any costs incurred after check-in.
※Various credit cards accepted
Can I go out after checking in?
Yes, please feel free to go out after making sure that your belongings are safely kept.
What time is check-out?
Standard check-out is at 10:00. This will differ for guests who optioned to change their check-out time.
Consecutive Stays
For guests staying for consecutive days, check-out is at 10:00 on the final day of your stay.
The bath area undergoes cleaning and maintenance daily from 10:00 until 15:00. The baths will not be accessible during this time. We thank you for your understanding.
Late Arrival
We kindly ask guests to call the hotel and let us know if they are running behind the anticipated check-in time they provided during the reservation process.
In the event that 25 hours pass beyond the scheduled arrival time, we will cancel the reservation if we have not yet heard from the guest.
Payment Options
Cash or various credit cards.
Accepted credit cards.(VISA,Master,American Express,JCB,Diners Club,Union Pay)
Regarding extension fees.
If you use the hotel past the scheduled check-out time, an extension fee will be added to your bill.
Guests who chose this option will have check-in/check-out times that differ from the standard times stated above.
Is there a curfew?
There is no curfew.
If I arrive earlier than anticipated, can I check in?
If you arrive after 15:00 you can check in as usual. If your arrival time is before 15:00 it is possible to check in using the extension options mentioned above.
I’m staying for a few nights in a row, will my room change?
Usually guests staying for consecutive days will use the same capsule bed and locker for the duration of their stay. Please be aware that, as the capsule beds do not lock, we ask guests to be careful of leaving any possessions within them.
I don’t have a reservation; can I still use the hotel?
Yes, as long as there are rooms available.
What is the latest time I can check in?
If your check-in time is later than 23:00, we kindly ask you to phone the hotel.
How do I check out?
Please bring your card key to the front desk.
Is it possible to make a last-minute extension to my stay?
Please contact the reception desk.


Can I leave my bags with the hotel before check-in, or after check-out?
Yes. We can hold your baggage for the duration of the day.
Regrettably, we cannot be responsible for guests’ valuables, thank you for your understanding.
Luggage that cannot fit into the lockers.
Please use the suitcase storage space near the reception desk. If the luggage is too big for that space we can keep it at the reception desk. However, please understand that we are not responsible for lost or stolen luggage.
Is it possible to have my luggage sent somewhere?
Yes, it is possible for us to arrange to have your luggage sent through express shipping. Payment for the shipping will have to be conducted upon arrival of the package. Please pack and prepare your luggage for shipping and bring it to the reception desk. The shipping receipt will also be prepared at the reception desk.
Can I leave my valuables with the hotel?
Unfortunately, we are unable to keep valuables or fragile items.
Please use the lockers or manage these items yourself. Thank you for your understanding.
I’d like to send my luggage beforehand.
Please contact us beforehand and arrange the following:
Clearly specify the “Sender’s name”, “Guest’s name”, “Date of stay”, and “Phone number” and set the package’s arrival day as day before, or the first day of stay.
However, we cannot keep cash, valuables, fragile items, living things, or refrigerated or frozen items.
[To “GLANSIT KYOTO KAWARAMACHI”, 380-2 Shijo Noboru Komeyacho Kawaramachidori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture, 604-8026, Japan]
Do you have lockers for our hand-held baggage?
Every guest is assigned a locker large enough to hold a suitcase.

 Hotel Use

Are there any age restrictions?
Unfortunately, We apologize, but we are unable to accommodate children under 12 years old.
Also, we cannot accept parties comprised entirely of underage guests without special permission from a parent/guardian.Parent's consent form is here
Does the hotel have internet?
Yes. The hotel is equipped with free Wi-Fi
Each capsule bed has the ID and password inside.
Is smoking permitted?
Yes, please use the specified smoking areas.
Smoking is prohibited in the hotel in areas other than the smoking areas.
Is eating permitted?
Please eat and drink in the lounge. Eating and drinking is not permitted in areas other than the lounge.
Is there a large bath/bathroom?
There is no large bath, but there are shower booths, as well as shower booths with bathtubs.
Is there a coin laundry?
There is one on every floor.
What sort of amenities do you provide?
We provide the following amenities in these respective places.
Guest locker: Robe, bath towel, face towel, toothbrush.
Washroom area: razors, facial scrub, skin lotion, skin cream, hair dryer, Q-tips etc.
Bath area: Shampoo, conditioner, body soap.
※Kind of skin care amenities are female use only.
Equipment within the capsules.
capsule beds are 2m long, 1m tall, and 1m wide. Slightly larger than a single-sized bed.
In accordance with Japanese law (hotel law), the capsules are not equipped with locks.
capsule beds come equipped with lighting, electrical outlets, and a USB port.
Eating and drinking on the capsule bed
Please do not eat or drink on the capsule bed.
Eating and drinking is only permitted in the lounge.
Is there a bath/toilet in the guest room?
Each floor has shower booths, a washing area and toilets.
Can you hear the surrounding noise in the capsule?
As the capsules are bordered by a curtain, some of the noise in the vicinity will be heard inside. We offer free earplugs for guests who find the noise too bothersome. Please contact reception.
How do I watch TV?
Use the headphones provided to enjoy TV without worrying about the surrounding guests.
Can I stay with my friends or family?
The capsule beds are for use by one person each. Areas for men and women are also separated within the hotel. For travel companions of the same gender, we can arrange to have capsule units located close together. There are also lounge areas, feel free to spend time with your friends and family there. Please use the lounge for chatting.
※Lounge areas for men and women are also separate.
Do you have clothes I can wear inside the hotel? What about towels?
Every guest will be given a robe to use inside the hotel, a bath towel, and a face towel.
Do you have cellphone chargers?
We can lend you one at the reception desk.
Can I take a bath as many times as I’d like during my stay?
You can use the bath areas whenever you like. Please call the reception desk if you need extra towels.It requires the charge an additional towel.
Are the male and female floors separate?
Yes, floors for male and female guests are separate. With our security, you will only be able to access your designated floor and floors containing shared areas.
Do you provide a cleaning service?
Unfortunately, we do not offer a cleaning service.
Each floor has one coin laundry. Please use that for your laundry.
Regarding foreign currencies.
We do not accept foreign currencies at the hotel. We are more than happy to guide you to a nearby currency exchange.
Can I charge my phone?
The capsule units come equipped with a USB port and electrical outlet. Furthermore, while the number is limited, we have chargers available at the reception desk.
Is morning call service available?
Yes, please approach the front desk.


Do male staff ever enter the female guestroom floors to conduct patrols, etc.?
We usually have female staff look after matters on the female guestroom floors, however, situations may arise where male staff will have to enter.
We apologize for the inconvenience, and appreciate your understanding.
Lost key.
After check-in, please drop by the front desk whenever you are leaving the hotel premises. In the event of a lost key, there will be a fee to replace it. After the replacement key has been issued, the fee is non-refundable, even if the original key is later found.
Soiling of furnishings within the capsule bed.
If the bedding within the capsule unit becomes soiled, a 5,000-yen cleaning charge will be applied, regardless of intent or negligence.
Additionally, any other broken furnishings within the capsule unit will be dealt with on a situational basis, with the guest covering the cost of repair or replacement.
How is security considered?
Guest elevators will only stop on a guest’s designated floor and shared floors. Security cameras are also installed at various points throughout the hotel.
How far is it from the station?
It is a minute’s walk from “Kawaramachi Station” on the Hankyu Kyoto Main Line and a 3 minute walk from “Gion-Shijo Station” on the Keihan Electric Railway. Click here for Access Information
Do you have a parking lot?
The Hotel does not have its own parking lot, please use the lots located nearby.