Check-in 24 hours a day for both overnight stays and hourly use.

We employ a “smart check-in system”, that makes it possible to check in quickly,
even late at night after missing the last train.
Use the hotel as a base for a business trip, vacation, or Tokyo sightseeing, or simply for a change of pace during a break from work. Choose your stay plan and time to meet your needs.

- Rest Plan / Overnight Plan -

Rest Plan※Selling Discontinued 1Hour

Reception Time:
All Day

※Access limited only to the shared spaces.
※Weekend surcharge

Rest Plan※Selling Discontinued 3Hour

Reception Time:

※Weekend surcharge/midnight surcharge charged separately

Rest Plan※Selling Discontinued 5Hour

Reception Time:

※Weekend surcharge/midnight surcharge charged separately

Overnight Stay 17Hour

From 17:00–
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※The price displayed is for reference only. Actual prices may differ.

How to Use
- Smart System -

A smart system that allows you to complete all activities within the hotel,
from check-in to check-out, using your IC wrist key.

1.Check in

Check in is done at the front desk. Check in at the automated front desk is also available.


Security doors and lockers can be unlocked with an IC card key. The floors are sorted by gender for the ease of mind of our guests.


Personal lockers are large enough to hold suitcases as they are. Please switch your footwear for slippers at the lockers.
※Luggage that does not fit into the lockers will be kept in the cloakroom.

4.Various Facilities

Please wash away sweat in the large bathing areas, relax in the lounge, and experience a restful sleep with our original beds. Facility Guide Here.


Please bring your key to the reception desk. Or bypass reception altogether and check out with the automatic check-out machine.

Use scene

  • For business trip and between businesses

  • In a base of sightseeing

  • In a stay behind the last train

  • In rest and a nap

  • In bathing and the shower

  • In a live expedition