GLANSIT & Tokyo Nishikawa Joint-Developed Original Mattress

A highly functional mattress developed using sleep engineering.
Enjoy an exceptional sleep experience with the mattress’s “Body Pressure Dispersion”, and “Sleep Posture Preservation” technologies.
Our original urethane mattress has a double-layered structure based on sleep engineering. The uneven surface layer, with several raised and lowered portions, effectively distributes the pressure of the sleeper’s body. This aids in effective circulation during sleep, reducing the burden placed on the body.

Point.1 Support Points

The uneven surface, with several raised and lowered portions, effectively distributes the pressure of the sleeper’s body. This aids in effective circulation during sleep, reducing the burden placed on the body.

Point.2 Maintain your Natural Sleeping Posture

The base portion firmly supports the body and maintains a natural sleeping posture. The body pressure distribution allows you to roll comfortably during sleep and maintain a relaxing deep state of slumber.

  • Refined Spatial Presentation

  • Clean and Comfortable capsule bed

  • Pillows that Promote Restful Sleep

  • Roomwear, Bath Towels, Face Towels, Toothbrush, Slippers
    ※Roomwear,Additional towel sets extra

Women Only Lounge, Abundant Free Services

With our free drink service, enjoy as much as you like from our genuine coffee and tea servers.
Enjoy reading over 30 types of magazines and books for free. We also have rental tablets for watching VOD, and high-speed Wi-Fi to allow our guests to surf the internet for both work and leisure.
  • Can be used 24h/day
  • Women Only
  • Free high-speed Wi-Fi
  • Fully equipped with electrical outlets
Enjoy our original blend genuine ground coffee from the coffee servers at the free drink bar.
Different kinds of tea and carbonated drinks, such as roasted green tea, are also available.

Enjoy over 30 types of leisure, fashion, economic, and city information magazines, along with newspapers, for free.
The entire hotel is non-smoking. A smoking room, equipped with a smoking table, is available for guests who wish to smoke.

Carefully Chosen Domestically-Made Amenities

We have assembled a wonderful selection of amenities produced by domestic brands, including shampoo, conditioner, body soap, etc. along with skin cream and cleansing lotions. Even if your stay is on short-notice, relax in knowing that all our amenities will be available to you.
We have also prepared items within the women’s-only powder room area, and carefully selected amenities. Please use them for makeup touch-ups, or a full makeup regime before heading out.


  • Shampoo, conditioner, body soap

  • Skin care products (Cleaners, facial scrub, lotions and creams)

  • Cotton balls, Q-Tips, razors, hair brushes

  • Room wear (Paid rental)

Rental Items

  • flat irons(2way)

  • hair dryers

Shower Booths, Bath Rooms

Other Services

Many affordable services that promote convenience and comfort are also available.

Baggage Check

To accommodate our guests’ baggage, we have both a storage room and private lockers large enough to hold an entire suitcase. We can also take care of guests’ baggage for the day pre-check-in and post-check-out. Please ask a reception.


Laundry facilities are provided on the bath floors. Guests staying for extended periods need not worry about their luggage getting too bulky.

Various Chargers

We can lend guests chargers for various brands of smartphones and cell phones.


We provide rental tablets free of charge. Enjoy as many movies and videos as you like, including inside your capsule bed.

Free Wi-Fi throughout the Entire Hotel

Guests can enjoy free Wi-Fi on all floors of the Hotel.


In addition to bread, snacks, soft drinks, and alcoholic beverages, we also stock a variety of goods including underwear, socks, stockings, contact lens solution, etc. Guests making an unexpected stay do not have to worry, even if arriving with no luggage.
Free amenity bath towel face towel body towel toothbrush, a comb of slippers, brush razor shampoo conditioner and a body soap skin care
※ room wear towel of articles (ladies') and an exchange are charged.
Free service Drink server/newspaper/magazine/book and high-speed Wi-Fi
Rental item Pillow (ups and downs), blanket, all kinds' charger and curling iron Kagami Tablet PC, Room wear (Paid rental)
Bedclothes/guest room equipment Original mattress synthetic fiber eiderdown, pillow, television power supply outlet USB outlet, lighting apparatus and security locker
Public space Shower Booths, Bath Rooms , lounge ,powder area, smoking room and laundry
Credit card VISA・Master・JCB・American Express・Diners Club・Union Pay・DISCOVER